Unique Ways to Remember Your Pet

You never forget the impact that a pet has on your life. Pets deserve to be remembered in a special way, and the options available to you are as unique as your furry friend. Here are some ideas to get you inspired.

Commission a piece of art featuring your pet.

A custom portrait of your pet, whether on canvas, in watercolor, or even in sculpture, will give your family an heirloom to treasure for generations to come. If you have an artistic streak yourself, perhaps paint or draw their portrait yourself. The creative process can be a very healing part of your grief journey.

Remember your pet with a piece of jewelry.

The options for pet-inspired jewelry is extensive, and you’re sure to find something unique that speaks to your heart. Some options include:

  • Paw print jewelry that can be created with an exact image of your pet’s paw print. 
  • A necklace or ring that includes a bit of the pet’s fur or ashes in a charm or piece of resin. Many artists on Etsy offer this service, and we also have lots of options at the funeral home.
  • Have your pet’s name or even their image imprinted on a piece of jewelry to keep close to your heart.


Consider getting a custom tattoo of your pet.

Pet portrait tattoos have become so popular that there are very talented artists who specialize in beautiful, photo-realistic pet tattoos. What better way to keep your best friend close forever?

Give your pet a part of their favorite park, forever.

If you have wonderful memories of playing with your pet at a favorite part or other outdoor space, consider memorializing your pet in the park forever. Dedicate a tree to your pet, a bench, or a brick to your pet and visit it whenever you want to spend some extra special time remembering them. 

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