5 Uncommon (But Fitting) Funeral Flowers

How do you choose the perfect funeral flowers? Flowers are how we mark so many important, emotional milestones: births, weddings, and the celebration of a life well lived. Traditionally, funeral flowers consist of roses, carnations, lilies, and gladiolus. These are classic choices, but they aren’t the only choice. Here are some creative, non-traditional ideas to celebrate and honor your loved one.

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Uncommon funeral flowers

1. Wildflowers to symbolize freedom, the love of nature

Perhaps your loved one was a nature lover. Perhaps they loved to spend time outdoors. Maybe they had a garden. Gathering wildflowers from their favorite spot, or even from their own garden, can be a lovely touch to their celebration of life. You could even include leaves and branches, depending on the season. This is also an extremely cost effective option for funeral flowers.

2. Tropicals such as protea, bird of paradise, or gloriosa lilies.

If your loved one enjoyed nothing better than sunshine and crashing waves, tropical flowers can be a unique and lovely choice. They are stunning to behold, vibrant in color, and long-lasting. Flowers like these have excellent staying-power and will last for several days cut.

3. Sunflowers give joy

Sunflowers are perhaps the most joyful of flowers. Big, bold, and vibrant, maybe they are the perfect descriptor of your loved one. Since they are so bright and large in size, a few flawless stems can go a long way, making them a cost effective choice as well.

4. Peonies: a soothing choose

Peonies may be the most luxurious, soft, and elegant flowers in nature. Their presence suggests english gardens, high tea, and lazy afternoons in the perfect air of late springtime. With delicate colors in shades of pink and white, and a heavenly fragrance, they can be a particularly soothing choice to celebrate your loved one. While they are on the expensive side depending on the season, each bloom is so big and fluffy that you won’t need many to make a big statement.

5. Non-floral options that replace funeral flowers

While funeral flowers are the traditional choice to honor a loved one, there are plenty of non-floral options that are just as beautiful. Consider creating decorative origami or tissue paper flowers to brighten up the celebration of a creative soul. Decorate with fresh fruit or vegetables for the gardener or farmer. Display collages of pictures and beautiful memories. Ask friends and family to donate to a favorite charity in lieu of sending flowers to the service. The options are endless as your consider how you want to uniquely celebrate the life of your loved one.



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