Maybe, Comfort Dog

Here to offer families a calming, nurturing presence at Tharp Funeral Home, we welcome Maybe, the Comfort Dog.

A sweet, two-year-old Goldendoodle puppy, Maybe has spent the last six months training to be a Comfort Dog through Shady Mountain Pet Retreat. This friendly little pup is ready to pet, cuddle, and provide our client families some love and affection during difficult times.

“There are many documented benefits of therapy dogs. Their presence has been shown to lower heart rate, increase the production of oxytocin and reduce stress,” said Netzin Steklis, a research specialist at the University of Arizona and co-chair of the Human-Animal Interaction Research Initiative (HAIRI).

Having a Comfort Dog on staff is one more way that we are working to care for our client families every day at Tharp.

You can also see what Maybe is up to when he is not helping our client families on Instagram.