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Something Borrowed – Honoring a Loved One at Your Wedding

Weddings are a time for celebration, family, and commitment. It’s one of the few events for which an entire family will travel to one place, and the absence of a loved one who has passed is hard not to notice. Take the opportunity to use “something borrowed” as a way to honor someone important to you that couldn’t be at your wedding.

Something Borrowed to Honor Your Loved One

  1. Make a wedding ring into a bracelet. Chanel over at bywayofney had a great idea for incorporating her Grandfather’s wedding ring into her wedding by making it into a bracelet.
  2. Use his cufflinks. For the groom, wearing his grandfather’s or father’s cufflinks is a subtle way of paying tribute to his memory. For the bride, she have the florist incorporate the cufflinks into her bouquet.
  3. Wrap your bouquet in a memory. Whether it’s a locket with your loved one’s picture or an old tie, wrapping your bouquet with something that honors your loved one is a great way to remember them on your wedding day.
  4. Wear her wedding dress. Wearing your loved one’s wedding dress can be a great way to honor their memory. You can have it altered to fit your taste, while retaining the vintage beauty of the dress.
  5. Use their fine glassware at the reception. If your loved one had really nice glassware, like old crystal, use them at your table at the reception. It’s useful and is a subtle tribute to your loved one.

Decide Whether to be Subtle or Bold

Decide whether or not you want your tribute to be subtle or bold. This will determine the kind of tribute you do, and how it will affect your guests. Something small and borrowed is a good way to remind yourself and close family of your loved one, while a dedicated speech or musical tribute might be more bold. No matter what you choose, remembering your loved one at your wedding ceremony is the perfect way to honor their memory.