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Funeral Flowers Etiquette

It is custom to display flowers from friends, family, and coworkers at the funeral of someone who has passed away. They are a symbol of remembrance, and add color to a solemn atmosphere. Not everyone knows the right funeral flowers etiquette, so we have compiled some basic rules that should to be followed when sending funeral flowers.

Funeral Flowers Etiquette

Who Should Send Funeral Flowers?

Flowers can come from friends, family, coworkers, or even acquaintances who want to commemorate the person’s life. Sometimes a dentists’ office or a doctor will send flowers to a patient’s funeral. Churches, clubs, or sports teams that the person was part of will also often send flowers. It’s really a very personal matter. If you felt you knew the person well enough, they meant a lot to you, and they impacted your life, sending funeral flowers is appropriate.

Be aware that some families will request that funeral flowers not be sent. They may instead request a donation to a charity or cause that had a special meaning to the deceaesd. In this case, donations should be made in memory of the deceased.

When Should Funeral Flowers Be Sent?

Traditionally, funeral flowers are sent three to four before the viewing. Also, note that most floral shops require 24 hours notice to deliver flowers to any event. If you aren’t able to send them in time, you can still send them to the family’s home, as a reminder that your thoughts are with them.

What Kind and How Many Flowers?

There is no one universal rule for which flowers need to be avoided, as it varies between cultures and countries. Just send what you feel is best, it is the thought that will resonate with the family.

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Ultimately, funeral flowers etiquette is a matter of your personal memories and relationship with the deceased. It’s personal, and what you choose to send is a way of communicating your condolences.