Planning a Funeral on Your Family Property

Funerals held on family land are regaining the popularity they enjoyed before the 1960s. As you can imagine, such memorials have a unique set of features and benefits for the family.

Consider the Space of the Property

It’s important for the family and the professional to fully survey the site and make note of important details. Is it an indoor or an outdoor memorial? Is the space large enough to accommodate all the guests? Will the weather be an issue? Is it safe and easy to access for everyone, including the elderly and disabled?

Choose an Experienced and Reliable Funeral Director

Funerals are complicated events—a skilled funeral director can help. If you’re struggling to think clearly or make decisions, you can rest assured that the funeral director will help with filing certificates, authorizations, and permits for arranging the service and ensuring that the event goes exactly according to your plan.

Choose a Casket Ideal for the Setting

Stress can lead to poor decisions. Choosing a cremation container or casket before the death occurs will help you to stay on budget and ensure that your loved one gets exactly what they would want. In the case of a home property memorial, pre-planning also allows you the time and clear mind to ensure that the casket is ideal for the home property setting you chose. You may also wish to consider a ‘green’ funeral. You won’t have to sacrifice any quality or design and it’s a positive gesture to support the environment that our next generation will inherit.

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Plan Transportation

Although most of the vehicles will be driven by the attendees, the relatives of the deceased should arrange for transporting the body to the home cemetery or final resting place. In most cases, the funeral service provider will present this type of service in their memorial package. However, it’s still best to call ahead to confirm that this vital part of the service is covered.

Choose Music and Songs

It can be comforting to include the deceased’s favorite music in the memorial service. As with anything when you are planning a funeral, it’s a good idea to complete this task before your loved one passes. Just spend some time making a list of their favorite songs and then record a mixtape or CD so it’s ready to play at the service as well as the reception at your property. The right music can support the tone you wish to convey at the service and conjure fond memories of shared experiences with the deceased.


When you are planning a funeral on family property, pre-planning is the best way to save time and money, and ease unnecessary stress for you and your guests. A funeral should be personal, respectful, and safe, so take every step in advance to consider the needs of your guests and the wishes of the deceased. This way you ensure that the next chapter begins with uplifting and positive memories from a thoughtful home property funeral.

If you have any questions at all about pre-planning, contact Tharp Funeral Home & Crematory today. We would be honored to speak with you.