a family making memories at the lake

Making Memories That Will Last Forever

Remember the days you spent helping Mom in the kitchen, or those long, lazy, perfect days spent fishing with Dad?  When a loved one leaves us, we are left with many powerful memories that we made together. Making memories gives our loved ones something to hold on to after we’re gone.

6 Ideas for Making Memories That Last

  1. Tell your children stories about your parents and grandparents, and the activities and occasions you remember participating in with your family members. They will enjoy hearing about “the good ole’ days” and hearing that you only paid a dime for a large candy bar in 1970. They may also enjoy hearing that people weren’t obsessed with calories back then!
  2. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words – but not if you don’t know who is in the photo!  Go through family photographs with your children, making sure to record all relevant information on the back of the pictures (preferably with a fine tipped felt marker so as not to damage the photo). Scanning them and transferring them to a USB drive is a good way to not only preserve your photos, but to share them with everyone in the family. This ensures that your photos are kept safe and can be enjoyed by generations of family to come.
  3. Continue traditions that your family has always followed, but don’t be afraid to start new ones. A twice yearly camping trip, or meeting in the city to shop and see the sights is fun and exciting for all generations, and a rich source of loving memories to keep for a lifetime.
  4. A family tree is a fantastic wellspring of knowledge and enlightenment to leave for your family. An even better way to make sure it’s a wonderful memory is to work on it with some of your family members. The time spent working together on a project like this will provide many meaningful perspectives and memories for your family.
  5. Yearly family photo shoots by a professional photographer or a family friend are a fantastic way of establishing continuity for everyone involved – and getting together for the photoshoot is a great excuse to make more memories! Meeting at the old family homestead for this makes it even more special.  
  6. Pass along favorite family recipes. Write them down and enlist the help of other family members to put them into a book. Often when an older family member passes, they take with them the original recipes that younger generations took for granted. Don’t let this happen to your family recipes. Those comfort foods may elicit memories like nothing else ever will. Be sure and preserve them!

These are just a few ideas for making memories and passing them on to your loved ones. You can personalize these ideas and make them your own.  Just remember, it’s never too late to start making memories with the people you love.


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