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Leave a Legacy with an Online Photo Album

Knowing what life was like when your grandparents were children and remembering stories from your family history become more important the older you get. You miss your family members and you want to feel connected to them. Unfortunately, those memories fade as time ticks by. Old photographs bear the faces of people you don’t remember and there’s no one around to help you identify these forgotten family members.

In the busyness of life, the good intention of collecting and documenting these memories gets put on the back burner. But with a little time, effort, and the help of loved ones, you can compile the photographs, letters, and stories of relatives and leave a legacy for generations to come!

Leave a Legacy with an Online Photo Album

The traditional photo album is becoming less and less common as many save their photographs on their electronic devices. And while those old albums contain cherished memories, they have a tendency to fall apart with the pictures getting mixed up, falling out, and disintegrating over time.

An excellent idea to consider is creating an electronic photobook. Sounds like hard work, but if you can scan a picture and upload it, you can turn the photographs and stories of your family into print-on-demand keepsake. Sites like Shutterfly or Mixbook are a great option for this and they have easy to follow instructions to guide even those who are not experienced with computers.

Before You Get Started

Time to dust off those old photo albums!  If your older loved ones are still with you, sit down and go through the photos with them. Ask who the people were, what they did, and where they came from. As you go through, set aside the more special photos or the ones that highlight a meaningful moment.  Jot down notes to go with each photo. If there are letters or important documents, collect those as well. Marriage certificates, birth announcements, obituaries, newspaper articles that featured relatives and letters all help to tell the story behind the pictures. This process will most likely reveal other stories that had been long forgotten.

While time may be of the essence in getting a memory book compiled, don’t rush through it. Create a timeline and organize your photos, notes, and stories. Once you have everything you need, upload your photos and begin creating your family heirloom!

When It’s All Said And Done

Once you have completed your memory book, copies can be made to order and shared with family far and wide. Plus, you no longer have to worry about anything being lost or forgotten, as the book will always be available with everything safely stored away in its pages.

And the best part is the new collection of the memories you’ll make while sifting through the past with your loved ones while building your timeless collection of days gone by!

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