Honoring “Man’s Best Friend” – Funeral Options for Pets

When you lose a pet, you lose a treasured member of your family. As such, your precious pet deserves to have compassionate options after their passing. Tharp Funeral Home is dedicated to serving your entire family. As lifelong pet owners ourselves, we know how much your pets mean to you. Pets love us unconditionally, and it’s devastating to lose such a wonderful and devoted friend.

Funeral Options for Pets

As part of our professional funeral and cremation services, we offer the following options for pets:
  • Transportation 24 hours a day from your home or veterinary hospital. (Pets and humans are transported in separate vehicles.)
  • Assistance with pet memorial services.
  • Individual cremation at a pet crematory. (Note: Pets and humans are not cremated in the same crematory.)
  • Assistance with pet cemetery arrangements or other service location.
  • Home burial services.
  • Selection of caskets, urns, markers, and other memorial items.
  • Delivery of the urn with your pet’s cremated remains to your home.
  • Advance planning—we can even help you make arrangements for your pet before a time of loss.

Celebration of Your Pet’s Life

We understand the deep sadness that results from losing a pet, and our entire professional staff is dedicated to meaningful ways to celebrate your pet’s life. We can even help you plan a special ceremony, whether it be:

  • A customized memorial service
  • A private good-bye
  • Burial services
  • Cremation services 

We, like you, believe that your pet’s life mattered. Their loss is a profound one that deserves to be honored and grieved. Your pet will always be treated in a loving and dignified manner by the compassionate staff at Tharp. Everyone handles grief in their own way, and the grief of losing a pet is just as real any other grief you can experience with a loss of a loved one. Take time to heal and find a meaningful way to celebrate the life of your beloved pet.

If you’d like to learn more about our caring services for pet loss, contact us today. We’d be honored to speak with you.