Finding an Affordable Funeral Home for Your Budget

Finding an affordable funeral home can be challenging, especially since the average cost of a funeral in America is over $8,000. So what are your options? Can you still celebrate your loved one’s life on a tight budget? You absolutely can. Here are some things to keep in mind as you’re making plans during a difficult time:

Finding an Affordable Funeral Home

Know your legal rights when purchasing funeral services.

“The Federal Trade Commission’s ‘Funeral Rule’ makes it law that a funeral home must disclose their General Price List to you when you make an inquiry (whether by phone or in person).” Choose a funeral home that cares about their customers and provides their services with openness integrity.

Finding an affordable funeral home involves creating a budget and sticking to it.

The simpler your funeral plan is, the less expensive it will be. Be honest with the funeral home you choose to work with and let them know that your budget is firm. A funeral home that cares will do their best to meet your family’s needs on any budget.

Consider lower cost funeral alternatives.

Cremation can save open up options for very personal and special options with which to celebrate your loved one. You may also consider a “green” or eco-burial, which is much less expensive than a traditional burial. An eco-burial is gentle on the environment, and some consider it more dignified than a traditional burial as it does not involve the embalming process.

Arrange a direct cremation & conduct your own service.

The least expensive funeral option is arranging a direct cremation, and then hosting your own intimate memorial service wherever you choose. A direct cremation involves having the funeral home or crematorium collecting your loved one, performing the cremation, and then returning them to your family in a temporary urn. You can then choose to have exactly the kind of private, family-focused service that fits your loved one best.


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