Find a Grief Support Group For Healing in the Lynchburg Area

Grief is not a journey you need to take by yourself; a grief support group can come alongside you so you don’t have to walk this road alone. After losing someone you love, it can be tempting to isolate yourself. Even the simplest tasks like eating dinner, returning a text, or getting out of bed can feel impossible. There is no right way to grieve, and there’s nothing wrong with spending time alone, but connecting with others can be a beautiful part of the healing process. The idea of attending a support group might be intimidating, or even terrifying. But taking that first step may open the door to a tremendous source of support. Here’s how a grief support group can help you heal.

Lynchburg’s grief support groups give you permission to feel your feelings.

When you’re surrounded by even the most well-meaning friends and families, it can be tempting to tamp down your emotions and keep them in check. Maybe you don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Perhaps they keep encouraging you to “move on.” And if you really opened the door to your feelings, who knows what would happen? But in a grief support group, you’re all in the same boat. There’s no one to put on a happy face for. It’s a safe place to sit in your grief and let the feelings come, painful as they are. This is a critical part of the healing process. Ignoring or denying your feelings only stalls the healing. Allow yourself a safe place to let it all out.

Grief support groups can help you learn new coping skills.

After the loss of a loved one, you have to adapt to a “new normal.” Being surrounding by others who are walking the same road can help you learn healthy ways to process and cope. They can also support you if you’ve struggled with unhealthy coping mechanism. If the group is led by a professional counselor, (and many are), you’ll have yet another source of unbiased wisdom to tap into.

Sometimes, “me too” is the most beautiful phrase in the world.

Above all else, a grief support group lets you know that you are not alone. It can help to validate your feelings and thoughts. It lets you know first-hand that someone else has been on this journey before you, and they survived. Hearing someone say “me too” can be a profoundly healing balm to the soul.

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For assistance finding a support group, feel free to reach out to Tharp Funeral Home and Crematory at (434) 237-9424.