an assortment of funeral flowers

The Meaning Behind 5 Different Types of Funeral Flowers

When you are choosing flowers for your loved one’s funeral, you may want to consider the traditional meanings behind different types of funeral flowers. The arrangement you pick should reflect your relationship with the deceased as well as cultural and possible religious significance.

The Meaning Behind 5 Different Funeral Flowers

  1. Lilies – The lily is often a go-to flower for funerals. Lilies are highly aromatic, and their full, majestic blooms traditionally represent the soul of the deceased returning to a state of peace. Further, many Christian denominations associate the Calla Lily with innocence, rebirth, and the Virgin Mary.
  2. Roses – Roses are also a very common flower found at funerals. A traditional symbol of love, roses are decadent and delicate and are often given for a number of reasons throughout a person’s life. If you choose to arrange roses at a funeral, you should be aware of the significance behind commonly chosen colors.
  • Classic red roses symbolize a deep love and acute grief
  • White roses are a representation of purity and spirituality
  • Yellow roses are often given by close friends and represent a bond of friendship with the deceased
  1. Chrysanthemums – Chrysanthemums, or “mums,” are unique in that their significance varies widely among different cultures. In the United States and throughout much of Europe, mums represent sympathy, respect, and honor, which is why they are popular flowers for funerals in these regions. However, in many Asian cultures, chrysanthemums symbolize birth or new life and are much more popular at baby showers than funerals.
  2. Carnations – Carnations are very commonly used in floral wreaths and standing sprays (standing sprays are elegant arrangements of flowers that appear to “spray” out from a standing easel). Like other flowers, each color has its own meaning. A red carnation is a symbol of admiration while a pink carnation represents remembrance. White carnations typically stand for purity, virtue and innocence. The Carnation is an ancient flower, and many Christians believe that carnations bloomed from the tears Mary shed as she watched Jesus carry the cross.
  3. Gladioli – Gladioli are gorgeous flowers that can measure up to 4 feet tall. They are sometimes called the “sword lily” because they are composed of multiple flowers growing upward along the stem. They are a classic and traditional choice for funerals and are often used to convey the strength of character and moral integrity of the deceased.