lights at a celebration of life

Is a celebration of life right for your loved one?

More and more families are choosing a celebration of life ceremony as a more joyful alternative to the traditional funeral. So how can you honor your loved one’s memory with a celebration? Here are some ideas to get your started:

Consider throwing a party

A celebration of life can look any way you want it to. From elegant and formal, to extremely casual and festive, make it fit your loved one’s personality. Consider serving their favorite foods and drinks, playing their favorite music, and decorating with their favorite colors. A celebration of life is a wonderful time to share happy memories, and remember all the good times you had with the treasured person you love. It’s also a wonderful memory-making opportunity for those left behind to remember the loved one’s life.

Add a memorable touch

Some festive and memorable options for a celebration of life can include lighting and releasing sky lanterns (or balloons), which are absolutely stunning to behold. Sometimes, attendees write messages or prayers on the lanterns before setting them free, which can be a very healing exercise. You could also have a fireworks show. If your loved one chose cremation, the fireworks could even include the cremated remains. Specialized companies are now offering this service.

Hiring a band or DJ that plays music your loved one enjoyed during life could also be a special way to remember them. If there was a fun activity your loved one especially enjoyed, like dancing, karaoke, or hiking, it could be nice addition to the celebration as well.

Create something together

Consider having all of the attendees contribute to a project that can be kept by your loved one’s family members. For example, everybody could participate in creating a painting, mural, or commemorative photobook.  Or the attendees could work together to plant a garden that will bring forth beautiful flowers for years to come. The act of working together to make something new and beautiful will be both memorable and therapeutic.

Anything that honors your loved one and helps you say goodbye with joy and peace is a wonderful idea. So feel free to have a celebration that is as unique as your loved one!