5 Things You Need to Know About Burial Planning

Burial planning can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Think of it as being organized and thinking ahead, just like you would do in any other area of your life. Here are five things you should know as you consider burial planning.

1. Burials and funerals are much easier with a plan

In the wake of loss, it can be difficult for a family to make a lot of decisions. Emotions are running high, and decisions need to be made quickly. There may be a heavy financial burden as well. By pre-planning and even pre-paying for your funeral and burial, this burden can be lifted significantly. Create a plan, in writing, about your wishes after you are gone. Communicate this plan in great detail with your loved ones. Then, when the time does come, they will have one less thing to draw their attention.


2. Put the focus on your loved ones

Ultimately, funerals are for the living. The process of grief is critical for your loved ones to work through after you’re gone, and a funeral is an important part of that. It’s a critical milestone in the healing process. So keep the ones you love most in mind when pre-planning your burial and funeral. This should also take the form of a few open, honest conversations about your wishes, their wishes, and how to best carry them out together.

3. You can keep your burial plan simple

Providing even the most basic plan can be very helpful to your loved ones. A simple list of your wishes written in bullet-point form can give your family a roadmap to making decisions. This will help keep the process peaceful and potential disagreements at bay.

4. Paying in advance is a wonderful gift to your family

Many funeral homes offer pre-payment options for funeral, burial, and cremation services. You can also choose to set up a bank account that can be transferred to a family member upon your passing to cover end-of-life expenses. There are many pre-payment options available to you.

5. Burial planning doesn’t need to be stressful

It can actually be quick and convenient. By getting started now, you can have every resource imaginable at your fingertips as you consider your wishes and come up with a plan that suits you best. Meet with local funeral directors, search the web, and chat with your attorney about getting your arrangements in order as far in advance as possible. In the end, it will be a weight off of you and your family’s shoulders.

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