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Tharp Funeral Home Lynchburg is nestled next to the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains in Central Virginia. Now a growing city, Lynchburg has rich history and a tight-knit local community. Even though the city is being built up, and more chains and big companies are moving in, the community here still love local business. That’s why Lynchburg has one of the oldest farmer’s markets in Virginia, filled with local farmers and vendors and that have been serving the community since 1783.

When the corporate-owned funeral homes began to buy out the Lynchburg funeral homes in the early 1990s, Skip Tharp knew the good people of Lynchburg still desired a local, family owned option. That’s why he decided to build a funeral home Lynchburg could love and appreciate. Our Lynchburg funeral home location was dedicated on June 4, 1995, and is rapidly growing in the Lynchburg area, proving that local family ownership truly makes a difference to the Lynchburg community.

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