James W. Warf III, Maj, USAF Chief

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“I would like to express my most sincere thanks to the staff of Tharp Funeral Home from my family for the superb job you did handling my father’s funeral. As a child who grew up in Lynchburg but moved away 12 years ago when I joined the military, I had no idea what funeral home to choose when my father passed away.

Unfortunately, I did not choose Tharp Funeral Home originally and upon my arrival in the Lynchburg area I knew I had made a grave mistake. Your competitor did not console me of my loss. They did not offer words of wisdom or advice. They did not even shake my hand or ask my name upon our initial meeting. After this encounter and one sleepless night I knew my father was in the wrong place.

The next morning I paid a visit to Tharp Funeral Home where I was warmly and honestly treated like a person who not only lost my father but my best firend. Specifically, I would like to thank Buddy Maxey who went so far above and beyond what he had to do that he truly made my father’s funeral everything it deserved to be and he earned my deepest respect as someone who is always honest and truly cares about his customers.

Additionally, I would like to thank Jennifer McFadden who assisted with my father’s life insurance claim. Her knowledge and expertise were outstanding and allowed me to focus on other pressing matters while she handled the claim.

In closing, as a member of the military we are often give “at a boys” and “Pats on the back” for serving our country. I find, at times, the same isn’t always true in the civilian sector even though you all provide an invaluable community service and I want to give my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for what Buddy and Jennifer did to help my family through this difficult time. To the entire staff of Tharp Funeral Home, Keep doing what you already do so well and I salute  you for a job well done and my highest recommendations.”

James W. Warf III, Maj, USAF Chief, Wing Weapons and Tactics December 3, 2015