picture of mom and and a map

Remembering Your Mom on Her Birthday

Years can go by, but you’ll always remember your mom and the impact she had on your life. She made sure you were fed, even it meant that her food got cold. She made sure you got to soccer practice, piano lessons, and sleepovers. She was there for you – when you were upset and when you were successful. Your mom saw you at your best and at your worst, and she loved you through it all. Now that she’s gone, how can you remember and honor her in a way that honors everything she was in your life?

It’s OK to grieve, and to continue to grieve.

Some people think that grief is a process with a definite beginning and end. While the process of experiencing and recovering from the raw pain and shock and loss may end, many will continue to grieve their loss for years to come. There is nothing wrong with looking back to remember and honor the loved ones we’ve lost, and in many ways, it is part of our own personal development. We can look back and learn from our moms – how they treated us, raised us, disciplined us, and loved us. This remembering is a kind of grief; we are looking back on someone we’ve lost and honoring the impact they had on our life. There’s nothing wrong with that.

5 Ways to Remember Your Mom on Her Birthday

Spending a little time to look back at your memories with your mom on a day like her birthday can be very therapeutic and encouraging. Everyone will have different memories of their moms, but here are five ideas to honor her memory on her birthday.

  1. Do something that the two of you enjoyed doing together. Maybe it was shopping, cooking, or something crafty.
  2. Cook one of your mom’s signature dishes for the family to enjoy together. She might have had a secret biscuit recipe or a delicious casserole that the whole family loved.
  3. Visit one of her favorite locations. Did your mom have a specific park she enjoyed visiting? A favorite city? Maybe your mom loved coffee from a local coffee shop, or maybe she was always looking for an excuse to visit the ocean. Take a walk in the places she loved.
  4. Eat at her favorite restaurant. Many people have a specific restaurant or kind of food they love having for their birthday, and your mom was probably no different. Did she love steak or a certain family-style Italian restaurant? Whatever it was, treating yourself to a meal at her favorite spot, or eating her favorite kind of food is a great way to remember your mom.
  5. Wear a piece of her jewelry. Your mom probably had a few pieces of jewelry that she gave to you, or that you inherited. Wearing one of her necklaces, bracelets, or pair of earrings is a great way to remember and honor her memory.

Honor the impact your mom had on you by doing the same.

The biggest and best way you can honor your mom is by learning from her example and applying it to your life. Love your family the way she loved you. Invest in your kids’ lives the way she invested in yours. Your mom was a part of your life longer than just about everyone else, and she probably taught you a whole lot in all that time. Applying those life lessons to your life is, perhaps, the best way to honor her memory.