Cremation Urns: A Guide to Selection

Cremation services offer many advantages, and one of them is the uniqueness available in cremation urns. Cremation urns are highly customizable and allow you to honor the deceased in a personal and expressive way. Here are some of the options to consider when choosing from the selection of cremation urns.


There are several sizes of cremation urns. When determining the size of urn you will want to take two primary things into consideration.

  1. The first thing to consider when selecting a size of urn is whether or not you are going to be traveling with it. If you choose to take the cremated remains somewhere to scatter them, you will likely want to choose a smaller, more durable urn for better portability and protection, but still large enough to contain all the cremains. Your funeral director can show you the size necessary to hold all of the cremains.
  2. The second consideration is whether or not you want to share the cremains with several family members. If you choose to separate them, you will not require as large a cremation urn. Remember that the size of the urn will also impact where it can be displayed.


Color & Style

There are many different colors and styles of cremation urns, and many individuals will select one in the favorite color of the deceased. You will also want to consider where and if the urn will be displayed, and select a color and style that goes with its surroundings.


Choosing the material of your urn will not only impact the look and color of it, but also the where it might be displayed. If you are displaying it indoors, almost every material is available to you. On the other hand, if you wish to display or inter the urn outside, you will want to select a durable material that can withstand the elements and climate change. Outdoor cremation urns are often made out of metal or stone.

If you are planning to scatter the cremated remains at sea or in a river or lake, you can choose a biodegradable urn so it can break down in the environment without causing any harm.  Again, your funeral director can show you numerous options and styles.

Cremation Urns Are Personal

Choosing a cremation urn is a personal choice, that’s why there are so many options to choose from. The most important thing is that the urn you choose is meaningful to you and that you feel honors and represents the deceased.


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