man writing cremation planning checklist

Cremation Planning Checklist

When you lose a loved one, the last thing you want to try and remember all the details of planning a funeral service and scheduling events. That’s why we have compiled a Cremation Planning Checklist to reference in your time of need. Plus, we’ve put together a downloadable guide to help you navigate all the questions surrounding cremation.

The Decision

  • Talk to your family about cremation long before the time for decision arises. Knowing what direction a loved wants taken, clarifies the decision and shapes your plans.
  • Consider the benefits of cremation. When it comes to burial choices, cremation is actually very affordable. Cremation is a very streamlined process that allows for more choice when it comes to the disposition of the remains.
  • Choose a funeral home. Finding a funeral home with a crematory is best done far in advance. The funeral home’s funeral director can help you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

The Preparation

  • Prepare necessary legal documents. Like every legal process, cremation requires certain documents. Typically, these documents will include the following.
  • Cremation Authorization Formis typically needed by your place of choice for cremation. This is to be signed by family members with legal authority.
  • A certified copy of aDeath Certificate.
  • Both of these forms are transmitted to the local coroner’s office and they will issue a Cremation Permit.
  • Pre-fund your cremation. If you haven’t taken steps already, consider starting a separate fund for cremation and funeral costs or checking on your existing life policies to make sure there will be sufficient coverage in your time of need.

The Process

  • Schedule the cremation. You should be conscious that the typical time frame for cremation is between 5-7 days after the date of passing. Plans should be made for funeral and memorial services before entering into the process in order to fit the time frame.
  • Consider how involved you want to be. When a loved one enters into the cremation process, you should consider how involved in the process you want to be. Most facilities allow the loved ones of the deceased a last look before entering into the process.
  • Decide who will collect the urn after the process is finished.
  • Consider the timing of the memorial service. Some families prefer to have the urn present during their memorial services. Make sure to keep this in mind when scheduling the cremation.

Cremation Planning – Preplanning Makes it Easy

The cremation process is a streamlined and fairly simple process. Preplanning the funeral and cremation can save your family from a lot of stress when they are trying to grieve. Choosing a funeral home ahead of time is essential to making sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Our funeral directors will work with you to plan a fitting memorial service and to answer your questions about cremation planning.